The Trussed Rafter Association
Voice of the Trussed Rafter Industry

What Does the Trussed Rafter Association Do?

Technical Information:

The TRA is a recognised source of specialist information about trussed rafters for specifiers, contractors and end users. A range of publications including the Technical Handbook Site Installation Guide, widely regarded as the industry 'bible' are produced. The TRA maintains close links with UK and European authorities to ensure that new standards are practical and are implemented across the industry 

Health & Safety Advice:

Safety is a key issue and the TRA produces guidance on safe handling & storage, specimen risk assessments and other useful information as well as engaging with the HSE to develop best practice for the industry.

Marketing Activities:

The TRA actively promotes the benefits of using trussed rafters for both domestic and commercial projects through the trade, technical and consumer press. Links are forged with public and private sectors to ensure the benefits of using trussed rafters are recognised as widely as possible.

Membership Services:

The TRA provides its Members with a range of services including technical updates, health & safety guidance and promotional support.


Trussed Rafters

Trussed rafters stand out as a sophisticated and highly-engineered product, with superior fabrication underpinned by high production standards. They are more flexible and more cost effective than many other methods of roof construction.

Metal Web Joists

With metal-web joists, not only can the floor span further than with conventional joisting methods, but the speed of installation both of the floor itself and the subsequent services in the floor zone is much faster.

Chain of Custody

Companies are independently assessed against “chain of custody” standards to demonstrate they can supply wood productsderived from sustainable forests.Two frameworks oversee  development of forest certification, these are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),  Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

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