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Benefits of Metal Web Joists

Open web design

Metal web joists allow easier installation of services such as plumbing, cabling, heating pipes etc. resulting in the reduction or elimination of surface pipework.  See how simple installation of services can be: 

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Wide range of sizes

The depth, length and specification can all be adjusted to produce joists with specific performance criteria that can span greater distances than solid timber joists.

Design flexibility

Metal web joists can eliminate the need for loadbearing intermediate walls, giving the designer greater freedom and flexibility.

Dimensional stability

The use of smaller timber sections together with the metal webs means that there is less shrinkage and a reduced risk of squeaky floors

Improved sound performance

Metal web joists when used with a rigid ‘Strongback’ reduce vibration of a floor.


The open web structure means they are lighter to handle than solid timber joists.

Made to Measure

Which virtually eliminates site wastage. Some types are available with a solid timber ‘trimmable end’ to allow for any on-site discrepancies.

Speed of erection

The wide timber chords makes for easier fixing of flooring and ceiling and there is no need for herringbone strutting.

Reduced costs

Increased spans, simpler installation of utilities, flexibility in design and faster erection can result insignificantly reduced building costs.

">Metal Web Joists

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