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1 Million Homes by 2020

1 Million Homes by 2020

10th May 2016

HBF and Government have been in discussions for a number of months aimed at ensuring output continues to rise. The Government continues to respond to barriers to housing growth, including through reforms in the Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16; whilst the industry has pledged to continue to grow its businesses, invest more in training and provide more transparency around build out rates. HBF will also develop a ‘land exchange’ aimed at allowing larger builders to sell sites or parts of sites to smaller builders. 

The past two years have seen big increases in supply with official figures/HBF research showing;

  • Build rates on large sites have doubled since 2010
  • Housing supply in 2014/15 reached over 180,000 (15/16 expected to be higher)
  • The country’s biggest builders have increased output by C60% since their ‘troughs’
  • By 2019 big companies will be building double what they did in 2010

HBF and Government will continue discussions in the coming months to identify further ways of increasing delivery from existing sites and bringing forward more sites, particularly for smaller builders. In particular HBF is keen to explore how blockages in the planning process, and with utilities providers, can be addressed to get builders starting on site more quickly

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