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New Homes Week Starts Today

New Homes Week Starts Today

16th May 2016
New Homes Week 2016 will promote new build homes to a brand new audience and open people’s eyes to the many reasons why they should buy new. We are urging people not to be put off by dated misconceptions, but to go and visit a new build home and see what is actually available.”
  To help you do this, there are events all week focussing on a different reason why there’s no place like a new build home.
  • Meet the neighbours Monday – building homes is about more than just the houses. Find out from the people who have created new communities why there new build home has been great for them.
  • Tech Tuesday – find out how new build homes take advantage of some of the latest tech on the market!
  • Winning design Wednesday – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we’ll be showcasing why so many people choose a new build home.
  • Thought for Thursday – thoughts from a variety of experts to help you with the finer details of all things new build, from design to finance.
  • Finance Friday – buying a new build home comes with some brilliant financial incentives, such as Help to Buy or part exchange deals.
  • Site visit Saturday & Sunday – you’ve read the reasons why, now visit a site near you and find out for yourself why thousands of people choose a new build home every month.
New Homes Week 2016 is running from today, Monday May 16, until Sunday May 22. To find out more, go to


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