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"We need to build more homes"

12th October 2016

Prime minister Theresa May has today pledged to “repair the dysfunctional housing market” to help deliver more new homes.

In her speech to the Conservative Party conference she said: “As Sajid (Javid, communities secretary) said in his bold speech on Monday, there is an honest truth we need to address. We simply need to build more homes.

“This means using the power of government to step in and repair the dysfunctional housing market.

“It means using public sector land for more and faster housebuilding.

“It means encouraging new technologies that will help us to get more houses built faster. And putting in more government investment too.

“We will do everything we can to help people financially so they can buy their own home. That’s why Help to Buy and Right to Buy are the right things to do.”

May pledged to build a fair economy tackling “some of the economy’s structural problems that hold people back - things like the shortage of affordable homes.”

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