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Roof Trusses for the Islands Project at Chester Zoo

We were approached by Read Construction to provide a proposal to supply trusses for a wide variety of unusual roof shapes that were being installed as part of the Islands projects at Chester Zoo. In total we supplied 8 separate buildings with trusses for the Islands Project; each with its own individual design, the shape of the roofs themselves creating a dramatic feature to the look of the building. The Tongkonan Restaurant roof and the Bali Starling roof required the most trusses at 68 and 66 respectively. In addition the majority of the trusses on these two buildings were 'one offs' i.e. virtually each truss was different and not repeated anywhere else on the structure. The Islands at Chester Zoo is a project that Minera Roof Trusses are extremely proud to have worked on. The sheer scope and individual nature of each of the buildings is a true testament to our abilities when it comes to designing and manufacturing roof trusses for specialist projects which deviate from the standard roof truss requirements.
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